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Maintenance Release Infiniti

The Infiniti v10.1.17.0 is providing mainly defect resolution and minor security fixes. This is considered a Maintenance Release for Infiniti V10.1 and the only additional items after Major Release V10.1.12.0 and Maintenance Release v10.1.13.0, v10.1.14.0 are listed below:

Issues resolved

10798 - Temp user save generates (strange) inaccurate error message if email address resolves to empty string

10886 - Editable text file selection is not functioning as editable textbox

10886 - Download page title displaying html characters

10888 - Edge browser losing scroll position on post back when going from text field to text field

10908 - Windows Auth + Guest access with ReplaceIdentity option as True always redirects to home on first browse

10776 - User is able to submit form With Mandatory Question is Unanswered

10840 - Windows App | Clicking Hamburger Menu in Dashboard project results in error

10855 - Actions repeated by hierarchical or repeater-driven data sources cause an error on run

10869 - Rule parameters remain disabled if answer picker is used

10835 - Data loss when an uneditable repeated page placed between workflow transitions

10883 - Data source is not being filtered by a custom question's answer value

10896 - Html tags showing in column headings

10904 - Redirect to forms login is not being done with a relative path

10917 - Import/Export repeat buttons pushed onto new line by named section icons

10884 - Operations dropdown do not appear for all grouptasks data sources in produce

10873 - Security fix

10920 - Design - For a datagrid question appearance is changed when user selects different
Selection Type

10954 - Unexpected error message on produce after document preview

10965 - Downloaded content on Firefox browser missing file extensions

10970 - Store Location Data option not remaining checked in Manage

10906 - Security fix

Updated 2 years ago

Maintenance Release Infiniti

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