Release Notes - v10

2 years ago by Sally Sloley

Release Notes - v10

Release Notes - Infiniti 10.0

Infiniti, by Intelledox, helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Utilizing Responsive Web Design, Intelledox Infiniti is a digital transformation platform that helps companies rapidly develop and deliver mobile-ready business processes. Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, and Enterprise customers worldwide deploy the Infiniti platform to enhance customer engagement, increase customer satisfaction, streamline efficiency, and drive down operational costs. Infiniti helps businesses quickly create and deploy intuitive, digital, business processes to replace difficult-to-understand paper and electronic forms. Infiniti empowers business users to develop, manage and set up engaging customer-facing applications, helping them reduce costs through improved process efficiency while delivering an enriched customer experience.

Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Infiniti can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, TXT, HTML, CSV, email and many more.

This is a product release that delivers additional functionality over the previous customer version of Infiniti (v9.7).

Upgrade Warning

V10.0.X Licensing:
For an Infiniti instance that is upgraded to v10 from 9.7 or a new Infiniti v10 installation, both scenarios will need a new license.
Note: You will need a "Tenancy Key" which can be found on the Licensing page on the Infiniti instance you want to license. Send a copy of the Tenancy Key to Intelledox to receive a version 10 license file.

Infiniti 10.0 Features

Infiniti 10.0 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti v9.7.

V10.0.X Licensing:

For an Infiniti instance that is upgraded to v10 from 9.7 or a new Infiniti v10 installation, both scenarios will need a new license.


You will need a "Tenancy Key" which can be found on the Licensing page on the Infiniti instance you want to license. As an interim, send a copy of the Tenancy Key to your Channel.

Custom Interfaces in Produce

You can create a custom user experience for interacting with Produce by creating Infiniti forms. Version 10 introduces the following features which combine to change how users interact with the system.

· Dashboard Project Type
A Dashboard project is a one-page form that isn’t submitted, but rather is used to show a page of data, or as a jumping off point to other forms.
Dashboards can be used to collate information about a business process; status of forms, the stages of the forms in a workflow, etc.

· Custom Home Page
Projects can be published as a “home page”. Users will see a particular project when they first log into Produce. A Dashboard project can be used to create a new Produce home page that most accurately reflects what users need to do.

· Data Grid
The data grid is a display type for data sources. With paging, reordering, and searching, data grids are an excellent way to tabulate information.

The Button is a new question type that puts a button on your form. It can be used to open a new URL, a new project, or to jump to a specific page in the form.

· Infiniti data sources
A number of new, built-in data sources have been added to aid in retrieving information from Infiniti. The data includes tasks in progress, answer files, generated documents, and more. The new data sources also combine with the Data Grid to allow features such as launching forms and reassigning tasks as part of the interface.

· Response Metadata
Response Metadata allows the definition of fields that may be shared across projects and exposed via the Infiniti Data sources. They behave like document placeholders and can be mapped directly onto the question set where appropriate.

Temporary users
It is possible to “assign” a form to a person who is not a User in the system. This enables the following interactions:

Temporary users (users without a system account but identified by their email address) can access Infiniti forms. Incomplete forms can be saved and resumed using an Access Code. Users can also reassign incomplete forms to another temporary user. Once completed and submitted, the form with all the necessary information can then be handled in the normal business-process workflow.

Nested folder structure

Nested folder structure can now be created to store Projects and Content items. Folders can be arranged in a tree-like structure and edit access within a folder is restricted at a group level and is independent of folders above or beneath it in the structure. Projects and Content Library pages share the same folder structure, deletion of a folder results in all of its content and subfolders if any also being removed from the system. Comments can be added when making changes to Content Library items.

The REST API can be used to perform most functions normally done using Manage.

Connector Interface
For developers, the interface for implementing connectors has been completely re-worked to make for an easier development experience. The “Extension” interfaces have been created for Actions, Custom Questions, Data sources, Escalations and State Providers. Old providers will continue to work, but now must be declared “Legacy” when registering them in the appsettings.json.

Analytics Module
A new module can be unlocked in Infiniti which allows for some powerful analytical functions.

Form Interaction Log
The form interaction log can be used to track every interaction people have with forms. This can allow for analysis into the efficiency and comprehensibility of solutions.

Device/Location Log
The device (or location) log captures information about the people interacting with the system, such as where they are in the world and what kind of device/browser they are using

Project Results Output
By dragging on one item in Design, a project will now generate a document that contains all the answers on the form in an easy to consume JSON format.

Copy Project Results to SQL Action
A new action that will create database tables based on the structure of your project, and then write the data from a submission to these new tables. The only configuration needed is a connection string to the database.

Infiniti data sources
A number of new, built-in data sources have been added to aid in retrieving this analytical information from Infiniti. The data includes the raw data containing the tables, as well as useful views of the data such as the time users spent interacting with certain elements of a form, the points at which people “dropped off” from using a form and how many times people saved their form.

Design updates

A large number of tweaks have been made to Design to aid in the more-efficient project building. This includes an integration with Microsoft Office that allows live changes to document templates without manually downloading/uploading, an ability to publish a project without going to Manage and much more easily set up question references in workflows.

Troubleshooting Mode
Troubleshooting mode is a new publish option that aids in identifying issues in projects. When a project is run in troubleshooting mode, extra information is displayed to visualize what logic is going on behind the scenes. This includes displaying invisible question types (such as data sources and variables), reporting data errors and info regarding the actions that ran at generation time.

New features and functionality
Major 9788 - Response Metadata as part of data objects that relate to workflow in Infiniti data source
Major 9514 - Response Metadata
Major 9911 – Troubleshooting Mode
Major 9912 – Live refresh for DataGrid
Major 9923 – Live refresh for dashboards
Major 9964 – Anonymous access support with Windows authenticated environments
Major 10084 - Ability to apply css style to individual form questions and layouts.
Minor 9774 - New data type for text field - Phone Number
Minor 9806 - View what projects a fragment is used in
Minor 9746 - Placeholders can now be added to a document template
Minor 9672 - Reorder-able document templates in web design
Minor 9437 - Workflow State as a variable
Minor 9459 - Concatenate data source display fields
Minor 9472 - Escalations in hours & minutes in addition to days and a specified date
Minor 9517 - Data source schema fields can be configured to not be available in Infiniti
Minor 9583 - Support 'Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet (xlsm)' file format
Minor 9606 - Escape Excel Formulas Security Option UPGRADE WARNING
Minor 9621 - Internal web authentication changes ( FormsAuthentication out, OWIN in)
Minor 9635 - Hierarchical data sources supported in data driven repeating sections
Minor 9667 - Ability to reorder Workflow actions
Minor 9692 - Common password denial list
Minor 9718 - Allow data-* html attributes in Infiniti forms
Minor 9596 - Placeholder text for date picker
Minor 9834 – Data Source and Data Object admin REST API endpoints
Minor 9891 - Content library admin REST API endpoints
Minor 9889 - Currency To Text
Minor 9898 - Option to encrypt individual connector setting values
Minor 9912 - Same page parent support for data pop up window
Minor 9938 - New parameters added to [ProjectLink]
Minor 9971 – Add message to Management Console action
Minor 10059 - Guest users don't have "Home" button unless they have a Home form defined
Minor 10076 - Named repeating sections and pages
Minor 10113 - Watermark property for multi-choice drop down questions
Minor 10140 – DataGrid grouping
Minor 10164 - Custom No Results Found Message for AutoComplete Data Source
Code enhancements
Cosmetic Changes 9497 - Action and escalation attributes renamed to inputs
Cosmetic Changes 9680 - Design: Find, and Find and Replace have been combined into the same dialog
Cosmetic Changes 9556 - Project name shows in the browser tab of Design
Cosmetic Changes 9730 - produce/Launch.aspx page is now produce/launch (aspx url will still be handled)
Cosmetic Changes 9681 - Design: Metadata and Language Translations have been moved to the Project Properties dialog
Cosmetic Changes 10012 - CSS class added to questions that have failed validation
Cosmetic Changes 10045 – New style for Manage
Cosmetic Changes 10107 - "Content" projects renamed to "Form"
Obsolete 9491 - Window Design is now hidden by default, replaced by The ClickOnce version of Design
Obsolete 10142 – The windows application version of Design (“App Design”) has been depreciated and will be removed in a future update
Design Updates 9487 - Key/Value support for action and custom question inputs
Design Updates 9498 - SQL Server action's "Stored Procedure Parameter" input is now a key/value type
Design Updates 9671 - Webhook action's "Answer Values" input is now a key/value type
Design Updates 9689 - "Custom Headers" Rest action input is now a key/value type
Design Updates 9907 – Right click menu for treeview
Design Updates 10048 - Changing the default question, answer and layout text/titles made easier
Design Updates 10062 - Templates now separated into their own menu in the toolbar
Design Updates 10079 - Click and drag references into text
Design Updates 10088 - Changing flyout panel now hides any existing one before changing to the new one
Design Updates 10089 - Existing project search
Design Updates 10093 - Reference picker now works within the workflow screen
Design Updates 10094 - Link to knowledge base
Design Updates 10097 - TreeView drag over and hover will auto expand the target node
Design Updates 10098 - Find remembers the last "Item" and "Search On" selections
Design Updates 10101 - Visual indicator whether the current item has conditions when on the conditions tab
Design Updates 10102 - Reference picker for fragment output properties
Design Updates 10104 - Publish while saving
Design Updates 10110 - Popup dialog to enter answer names when adding a new multi-choice question
Design Updates 10111 - Drag and drop to create data filters
Design Updates 10161 - Workflow transition name
Design Updates 10170 - Office template editing for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Adaptive Maintenance 9529 - [Upgrade Note] .NET 4.6.2 required for Manage/Produce, .NET 4.6.0 or later required for Win apps
Adaptive Maintenance 9688 - Ability to generate new tenancy key
Adaptive Maintenance 9637 - SQL Server 2005 no longer supported