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Maintenance Release Notes - v 10.3.18 - 21/12/2018

about a year ago by Sikander Shokeen

The Infiniti v10.3.18.0 is providing mainly defect resolution and a security fix. This is considered a Maintenance Release for Infiniti V10.3 and the only additional items after Major Release V10.3.7.0 and Maintenance release 10.3.10, 10.3.12 and 10.3.15 are listed below:

Issues Resolved
11368 - Security Update
11364 - Infiniti Win Client hangs intermittently when clicking next and back buttons between pages
11383 - Error on running Copy Project Results to SQL action in a Run Action Button in a workflow project
11392 - Alert (Error/Info/Success/Warning) styles are not WCAG compliant
11395 - WCAG: Pagination requires more context
11396 - WCAG: Mandatory asterisk is too small
11397 - Design: Able to add escalations to the Finish state of a workflow
11398 - WCAG: "Progress has been saved" message not announced on save by screen reader
11399 - Error page is displayed on passing sessionid and answerfileid as url parameters
11400 - WCAG: Deleting items from Form Assigned to Me section on Produce home page does not restore focus to the next item
11402 - Longer text during document creation overflows the background box after project submit on Produce