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Maintenance Release Notes - v - 30/11/18

about a year ago by Prachi Shinde

The Infiniti v10.3.15.0 is providing mainly defect resolution and a security fix. This is considered a Maintenance Release for Infiniti V10.3 and the only additional items after Major Release V10.3.7.0 and Maintenance release 10.3.10 and 10.3.12 are listed below:

Issues Resolved
11185 - Mobile App | Unable to open a project on Android app built with a target version apk > 23
11275 - Unable to un-tick "Mandatory" for a multi choice question if dependent condition question is deleted
11306 - Design | On Finish page properties Submit button position is blank on reload of project when Both is selected
11309 - SQL deadlock can occur when 'Wait for project to finish processing before redirect' is unchecked in Design
11311 - Design | Recipient Email and Recipient Name answer selection are intertwined
11312 - Fragment templates cannot be re-ordered
11319 - CreateDB.sql gives failure messages when FullText feature is not installed for SQL Server
11323 - Long XML generation times for a project having large schemas
11325 - Themes not applying correctly to projects when profile has default "no theme" selected
11328 - Repeating section only showing partial lists on selection change
11332 - Currency field not clearing invalid symbol on postback
11340 - Run Action button fails to execute if there are validation warnings on the page
11341 - Exception message on Produce when OpenID Connect is authentication is enabled
11342 - Saving custom field variable answers to the answer file fails
11347 - Browsing to Manage after accessing Produce as a guest shows access denied
11348 - Cannot delete question in design if it had a mandatory condition
11349 - Guest and Windows authorisation conflict and display 'The task has been completed error' when clicking project link to open workflow task
11360 - Security Issue