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Maintenance Release Notes - v - 01/11/18

about a year ago by Prachi Shinde

Infiniti v10.3.12.0 mainly provides defect resolution, security fixes and new functionality. This is considered a Maintenance Release for Infiniti V10.3 and the only additional items after Major Release V10.3.7.0 and Maintenance Release 10.3.10 are listed below:

Issues Resolved
11284 - Custom style selection is set to “None” on clicking refresh list button in Design
11285 - Destination attribute not supplied in request for SAML logout
10052 - Variable question setup with Concat starting with {s- returns invalid formula on Produce
11263 - Project Results To SQL Action not preserving renamed table and column names
11293 - User full name field is cleared by Infiniti User action for existing users
11287 - Space missing between input and name in existing inputs list
11289 - On produce home page sortable grids are not WCAG compliant
11264 - Geolocation values are not updating when it is a parent question
11265 - Fragment Input default values are not recognised by data source filter
11266 - Web service data sources with header schemas interfere with filters
11269 - Project sync export fails for a project containing hierarchical datasource child
11273 - Concat formula help text incorrect in Design
11282 - Console error with nested repeated child action in a workflow transition
11283 - Error appears on trying to enable two factor authentication on produce user profile page
11197 - Question reference for project results template name does not resolve
11297 - Project results fails when a included project fragment is not active
11298 - Repeated data rows get displayed after deleting them and adding a user row
11299 - Security Issue
11300 - Security Issue
New Features
11286 - Transaction log files are now zipped before sending in email
11291 - Improved WCAG on multiple choice radio questions
11288 - Improved performance of data filter and display field updates during project import