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Maintenance Release Notes - v - 05/10/18

about a year ago by Prachi Shinde

The Infiniti v10.3.10.0 mainly provides defect resolution and one new functionality. This is considered a Maintenance Release for Infiniti V10.3 and the only additional items after Major Release V10.3.7.0 are listed below:

Issues Resolved
11139 - Pen width is not thin enough for the ink question
11163 - Datasources with a filter in an initial zero row repeater is not updating on adding a row
11165 - SessionIndex namespace and NameID format added for SAML logout requests
11166 - Project sync export fails for workflow projects that have a transition assigned to a group which was previously assigned to a user
11194 - Parallel workflows not setting properties correctly on transition
11201 - Unable to preview for a workflow project with transition
11202 - Servers with date format having three letter month (d/MMM/yyyy) fail in date picker
11207 - Data Question outputs from fragments do not resolve
11210 - WCAG - Text input 'Aria-Described-By' Element attribute is not removed after the error has been corrected on client side
11223 - Cursor is not navigated to top of the next page on navigation if user is at the bottom of the current page with both pages having enough questions to cause the browser to scroll
11224 - Error message is displayed on postback if DataGrid is still in load state
11233 - No Row at Position X error displayed for Data Grid
11235 - Stored procedure error on manually regenerating a tenancy key
11244 - Fragment documents inherit the restrict download from parent documents
11251 - Projects with multiple repeating documents and actions repeat excessively
11258 - Referencing fragment output in another fragment terminates the project on launch
11261 - Launch of In Progress file through email link skips security code screen for temporary users
11262 - Question reference in page title is not resolved in Summary page
New Features
11174 - Retrieve SAML RelayState from the querystring if it's not posted