Release Notes - v10.3

about a year ago by Prachi Shinde

Release Notes - v10.3

Infiniti 10.3 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti v10.2.

Project Sync API

An API has been added that greatly increases the ease of syncing environments, or migrating/promoting projects across environments. Almost everything defined in Manage can be moved across via the API, with control over what should be transferred and what shouldn’t.

Simplification of fragments and repeaters

  • Ability to pass repeated data directly into and out of fragments, without the need to combine the data into a single string.
  • Fragment inputs can reference parent fragment inputs directly, without the need to have a variable question or similar as a “middle man”
  • Fragment outputs can reference child fragment outputs directly, without the need to have a variable question or similar as a “middle man”
  • “Repeat Document” property moved to individual document templates, so that different documents may be repeated by different repeat sources

Copy to Fragment

When working in Design, clicking “Save As” now has the option to Copy To Fragment. This will allow the conversion of a project, or a particular page of the project to a brand new fragment.

New features and functionality
Major 10994 - Copy to Fragment
Major 10969 - Time data type for Text Field questions
Major 11042 – “Set Project Property” Action
Major 11046 – Terminate Workflow Escalation
Major 11017 – Action inputs can be defined as repeating
Major 10960 – Tooltips providing information on parameters and function use will appear while typing a formula
Major 11023 - Toggle button to show/hide actions and escalations on Design workflow page
Major 11006 - Previews for custom questions in Design
Minor 10975 -Ability to define culture for scheduler
Minor 11158 -Dutch translations have been updated
Code enhancements
REST API 11059 - Group Users Endpoints
REST API 11060 - Custom Fields Endpoint
REST API 11061 - Connector Settings Endpoint
REST API 11066 - All admin APIs new return the ids of the elements
iOS/Android Apps – Infiniti GO 11001 - Android push notifications updated to Google Firebase from Google Cloud Messaging