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What's New in Version 12.0

This product release is the first under the new rebranded product name . You will notice throughout the product that the platform references, logos etc have all been changed to reflect this new brand. Manage also got a refresh in line with the Smart Communications color palette.

The full What's New Guide is available on the Smart Communications community, which includes knowledge base articles, release notes, product and service notifications as well as forums where you can post and collaborate with staff and customers.

If you do not have access to the Community, please let us know at [email protected]


This release adds a streamlined, reusable workflow experience for approval like experiences. Leveraging the Track Changes and Commenting functionality, the addition of an Approval State that consumes an Approval Definition from Manage streamlines the design process and improves maintainability.

Key Features

  • Approval definition is reusable across projects​
  • Sequential and parallel approval support​
  • Approval thresholds​
  • Dynamically assignment of assignee and entire approval

Approval states are unique in that they create a dedicated forum for discussing and improving the request submitted. Actively tracking the changes, comments and feedback.

For more information, read this.

DocuSign Templates

Integration with DocuSign Templates allows an existing DocuSign user with investments in their template technology to reuse the document template, data mapping (known as tabs) as well as the recipient and signature requirements. Now the Designer can focus on an excellent end user experience with an adaptive interview with simple mapping to the tabs.

Key Features: ​

  • Reuse existing DocuSign Templates
  • Tabs from the DocuSign Template show up as Placeholders for simple Design mapping
  • Mapping a DocuSign Template is all you need to get the envelope to create, drastically simplifying the Design effort
  • Integration with Email and Embedded Signing flows
  • Placeholder mapping can be leveraged by existing advanced DocuSign Create Envelope Action functionality

For more information, read this.

SmartCOMM Draft Editor Integration

SmartCOMM Draft Editor is a powerful intuitive editor for users to personalize communications in real time and it has been embedded seamlessly within . Users add free text and pre-approved content via simple choice lists or from a library of shared content to a generated document within a browser based word-like editor.

Key Features: ​

  • Leverages rich generation capability in SmartCOMM
  • New type of workflow state so users can focus on the drafting task
  • Document available for preview and for delivery using Actions

For more information, read this.

Additional Import/Export Method for Synchronization

SmartIQ now has two export formats:

  • Project - Exports the .ixpkg file which contains projects, fragments, data connections and content library items.
  • Sync Package - Exports the .iqpkg file with a broader scope to include everything from an .ixpkg with the addition of folders, groups, permissions, communication templates, sequences and approval definitions.

The new format is targeted at operational use cases where a project is developed in the Sandbox and then migrated to QA or Production.

For more information, read this.

Community Driven Enhancements

This section highlights some of the enhancement requests received from customers and partners which have been delivered in this release.

Design Notes

  • Notes property on each question and layout element in Design allows a designer to leave comments and explanations within the project.
  • Great practice for designers who build and maintain projects in broader teams

New permissions to enable separation of business unit responsibility

  • Specifies who can see what content in Manage and who can consume the content in Design
  • Particularly useful for business units being responsible for their own content and projects without being concerned with others seeing or making changes to their forms.

File Selection Button Improvements

  • Text for File Selection can be changed to reflect the process like "Upload ID" or "Snap a picture"
  • Allows for changes to type specific like image and audio for the offline apps.

Block Concurrent Editable States

  • Designers can determine how a parallel section will work for end users. If a user in a group has a task locked, other users of the group get a read only view of the form.
  • Avoids additional configuration and possible data clash if states are sharing pages and questions.

Form Summary Document Improvements

  • Able to specify if the username is included in the document
  • Able to specify if the generated time is included in the document

Event Log available in Manage

  • Administrators can view the advanced logging that was previously only accessible via a database table.

Restrict Project Channel

  • Upon publishing a project, the channel availability can be set as Web, App or both.

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What's New in Version 12.0

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