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What's new in version 11.2

Updated System Requirements

64-bit Only

Intelledox only supports 64-bit, this applies to produce, manage and Scheduler.

SQL Server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2 is no longer supported​. Applies to Intelledox Database​

Main enhancements

Custom Data Objects

Key Features

  • Define custom data tables​
  • Range of data types and options supported​
  • Drag and drop to map fields to form questions​
  • Persisted in Intelledox DB

How does this benefit you?​

  • No SQL skills or coding required​
  • Significant reduced time to market​
  • Easier to re-use data as distinct entities​

Store form data with no code

Significant time saving to store data into tables and eliminate the need for SQL skills to create and maintain tables, views and stored procedures​

Writeable Data Objects

Key Features: ​

  • Configure the writeable data object permissions​
  • Read, insert, update and delete supported​
  • Use built-in form UI​
  • Supports Infiniti custom objects or SQL Server​
  • Save data on-the-go or on submission​
  • Writable Data Object Override Action to control the flow of data saves​
  • Fully integrated with Data Grid​

How does this benefit you?​

  • Reduced time to configure data operations​
  • No direct DB access required to set up data objects​
  • Solutions more cloud-ready​
  • Control access permissions as well as when data is saved.​
  • Flexibility in user experience to suit a wide range of possibilities.

Read, insert, update and delete data​

  • More flexibility for designers and business users with a reduced effort to interact with stored data, including entities like customers, and lookups like country or region​.
  • Data can be written during form submission, workflow transition or Action Button click​.
  • Build flexible solutions that push data to back-end SQL on demand – so that it is stored exactly when it’s needed.​

Data Modals

Key Features: ​

  • New Data Modal project type defines a modal pop-up UI for data interactions​
  • Flexibility to use different Data Modals for different contexts​
  • Easy to configure and use in your projects​

How does this benefit you?​

  • Use modals to save space, and improve user experience on all devices.​
  • Provide context-aware UI for different use cases.​
  • Leverages existing Design skills.​

Create your own insert/edit UIs

Data Modal forms can be associated with your data entity in any form to provide inline data editing functionality that pops up when needed.​

SmartCOMM™ Integration​

Key Features: ​

  • New Data Model template to drag-and-drop fields​
  • Action to specify target SmartCOMM™ template​
  • Configure one or multiple SmartCOMM™ actions​
  • Each action can address a different template and/or channel​

How does this benefit you?​

  • Leverage existing SmartCOMM™ template investments​
  • Seamless integration with powerful omni-channel output​
  • Generate different templates catering for different channels and business rules​


  • Integration with SmartCOMM™ leverages the world’s leading CCM for complex document generation​.
  • Familiar experience for Designers in mapping the data model fields like Intelledox placeholders
  • Specify different SmartCOMM™ templates directly within your Intelledox projects​
  • ​Flexibility to generate one or more SmartCOMM™ template based on context-driven rules​

User-defined Sequence Numbers​

Key Features: ​

  • Create sequence or reference numbers for forms​
  • Sequence pattern can include static components as well as dates and/or numbers​

How does this benefit you?​

  • User-friendly identifiers that end-users can reference.​
  • Designer can configure different sequences for different forms.​

User friendly references

Create, manage and apply user-defined sequence numbers to provide user-friendly references​

Configure Sections As Modals​

Key Features: ​

  • Simply select ‘Modal’ on a section to configure​
  • Launch modals with a configurable button​

How does this benefit you?​

  • Save form real-estate​
  • Great in repeating sections to hide complexities of row data​

Improved UI

  • Display any section as a Modal sub-form, which pops up on demand to reveal the section’s questions​.
  • Save space for more on-screen – or for instantly improving the mobile user experience.​

Show track changes and comments in Form Summary​

Key Features: ​

  • Form Summary question can display answer history.​
  • Form Summary Action can include answer history in document output.​

How does this benefit you?​

  • All changes displayed in one area​
  • Maintains the traceability on what changes occurred in a generated output.​

Answer History

  • An end-user can view the form summary and understand the answer history of the form​.
  • View all changes and comments in one place generated as a document - great for approving forms via email​.

Redirect on Finish Enhancements​

Key Features:​

  • Control user experience on submission​
  • Redirect options available for form submission and on workflow transitions​
  • Redirect to Project allows Project Properties to be passed to the target​

How does this benefit you?​

  • Enhanced end-user experience​
  • Easy UI to select redirection target​

Improved navigation

  • Choose where users should be taken on submission of the form, including for workflow transitions​.
  • Detect the use of a mobile app to provide more targeted content, and control exactly what happens on workflow transition on any device​

Other enhancements

Improved Security of Data Connection Management

  • Organize data connections with folders, and apply security groups to restrict access​
  • Reduce risk with greater granular control over which Infiniti groups can edit Data Connections​

Enforce Two-Factor Authentication by Role​

  • Configure which roles require two-factor authentication ​
  • Improve level of security when users carry a specific Infiniti role​

Data Connection Related Projects​

  • Determine which projects consume a data connection or object​
  • Increased visibility on Data Connections / Objects usage helps determine impact of any changes

New Escalation Types - Webhooks and REST Services​

  • New escalation types allow workflow tasks to notify external systems via Webhook or REST service requests​
  • Flexibility to notify external systems when escalation thresholds are met, configured using the familiar escalation rules system​

Control Document Sort Order for Actions​

  • Actions now allow Designers to control of the order in which documents are processed, with new sort controls​
  • For Actions such as PDF Stitch and DocuSign the order of document processing is important to the end result​

Design Preview Responsive Presets​

  • Adjust the new preview device size drop-down to see what impact different screen sizes will have​.
  • Save time by seeing a real-time preview in different screen sizes and formats. Great for building mobile app solutions.​

Design Preview Theme Settings​

  • Theme settings applied in Manage will now render in the Design preview window, allowing greater visibility for designers​
  • Providing consistency on how the theme will look both during design and at run-time​

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What's new in version 11.2

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