The Infiniti Scheduler is a service that checks an Infiniti environment and performs the following tasks:

Executes any projects scheduled to run on at a partiuclar time
Checks for files dropped into a nominated watch folder location to execute the related projects
Performs any workflow escalation activities that have become due

Projects are scheduled either via the Manage interface by an Infiniti administrator or via a web service call made by another application, and workflow escalations are configured in Design.

Solutions that use the Infiniti Scheduler may be processing smaller jobs or performing large bulk document generation tasks where output may be delivered to a printer, email or Document Management System (DMS).

Learn how to setup Infiniti Scheduler in order to automate the execution of Infiniti projects. Eg: Automate monthly statements for customers to save time and increase efficiency.

For instructions on how to use the scheduler once installed see Using Scheduler (


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