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Same Page Conditions

For a question condition to be triggered or a question's new value to be registered and applied to another question; there needs to be a postback to the server (the web form needs to refresh).

A same-page condition is a condition just like any other, it's set up the same way and acts no different; you will not notice any difference when configuring a same-page condition. has simply allowed certain questions to refresh the web form when a change is made. For example, a change could be that the end user has selected an answer to a multiple choice question.

This allows you to apply conditions to questions on the same page as the parent question, and those conditions to resolve on the same page without having to click the NEXT button.

There are three visible type questions that can be used as parent questions to trigger your same page condition:

  • Group Logic Questions;
  • Data Source Questions; and
  • User Prompt Questions.

It is important to note that, even though you might be able to apply conditions to other question types on the same page, a change will not be registered until one of the above question types has registered a change on that page or the user has clicked the NEXT or BACK button.

Updated 3 months ago

Same Page Conditions

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