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Nested Conditions

allows more complex conditional structures with nested groups of "Any Of" and "All Of" conditions.

**The following steps will illustrate how this works:

  1. Using a condition tab, configure "Question's" or "Page's" conditions. Refer to Defining conditions to see how to configure conditions.

  2. For example, consider a client's retirement scenario. In this particular retirement scenario, retirement questions will only be asked based on the following conditions:

A client needs to be at least of 55 years old and A client is currently working.

If a client is considering an early retirement then the retirement questions will only be asked base on the following conditions: •A client is currently working

'Either' a client is at least 55 years old 'OR' client is considering an early retirement

Here is a possible question set and conditions, for retirement scenario.

To create the nested "Any Of " conditions set, simply select the create "All Of " group button and click the create "Any of " group button on the toolbar. Then use the "Move up to next group" and "Move down to next group" arrow buttons to move conditions into the new group.

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Nested Conditions

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