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Getting Started - Overview


If you are on a version of Infiniti that is lower than v10 you may not find the information you need on this site. If you don't find what you need, please see our previous knowledgebase.

Infiniti is an elegant process improvement system that combines the power of intelligent document generation, smart web forms, and line-of-business integration to deliver significant business value to enterprises and governments worldwide.

Infiniti creates significant business advantage through the automation of document-centric business processes. By leveraging existing investment in document management and information assets, assisting organizations to drive down operational costs, deliver increased efficiency, reduce compliance risk and improve the user experience.

How to use the Knowledge Hub

This knowledge hub starts from the very basics of Infiniti and takes you all the way to custom code you can use to enhance your Infiniti experience.

Getting Started

This section will teach you the basics. You'll see the options available out-of-box.

Solution Designer

The Solution Designer section will take you through the out-of-box options and describe what the options mean, introduce you to different ways to build your forms.

Other sections

The other sections are meant to be a deep-dive into all the things that Infiniti, with the help of extensions, connectors, data sources, etc., can do.

Missing Information?

This knowledge hub is for you, our customers, clients, and partners. Your feedback helps us to provide you with the information you need to get the most out of Infiniti. We are working very hard to migrate the information from our old knowledge base to this new, redesigned knowledge hub. There may be information that we haven't yet covered on this site.

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Getting Started - Overview

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