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The content library provides a way to store re-usable content, such as text, images, document fragments, file-attachments, and audio. These may include legal clauses, corporate logos, tables or graphs. The actual content items are maintained in ‘Manage’.

By default, content library questions are not visible to users in ‘Produce’, and can be used to place specific content items into the document as chosen at design time. You can also set content library questions to visible, which makes them interactive questions.

Document Preparation

Standard or selection placeholders can be used throughout the document to specify where the content items are to be inserted.


How to add a content library question:

  1. From the toolbox, drag and drop a Content Library question onto a page, section column or tab.

automatically adds an answer to the new question. Then, set the question’s properties as below.

Description / Examples


Check to allow interaction with the question.

The remaining properties are available only if Visible is checked.

Content Type

Selects the type of content to be expected.

Content Item

For outputted content and display types a particular content item must be selected, use the ‘…’ button to search for an appropriate text content library item.

Auto Answer

Available if Visible is not selected. When checked, references another question to search for a specific filename in the content library.

  1. If the question is visible:

•Drag and drop any placeholders that are to be populated by the user-selected content item onto the answer.

  1. If the question is invisible:

•Use the Content Library tab to drag and drop an existing item onto the answer. If there are a large number of content items, use the Search field to filter the results.
•Drag and drop any bookmarks that are to be populated onto the content item.

Document Fragment Placeholders

When you add a document fragment to a question set, it becomes available in the Placeholders tab for you to use any placeholders the fragment may contain in your question set. The fragment name is added to the Document Fragments element, with a list of its placeholders.

To use a document fragment’s placeholders simply expand the list of placeholders using the plus icon (), and drag and drop any relevant placeholders onto the question set.

You may locate a document fragment in the question set from the Placeholders tab by right-clicking on the fragment and choosing Find in Question Set from the pop-up menu. This will return a list of all instances of the selected fragment in the Find Results window.

Auto answer option

Content Library Question types include an option called "Auto Answer". This tab allows content library items to be:

•Automatically attached at document generation time
•Automatically inserted at document generation time

How to implement an Auto Answer question

Create the Questions

Create a Text Field (Note: this was called User Prompt prior to v9) to capture a value. Then create the Content Library question.

See the screenshot below:

Setup of the Content Library question:

•Set the question to invisible in the properties tab
•Set the Auto-Answer tab to record the answer of the Document name text field
•Content Library Question WITH Placeholder - then matching content library doc fragments will be included IN the document
•Content Library Question WITH NO Placeholder - then matching content library doc fragments will be included as an attachment at Document Generation time

See the screenshot below:


If the user enters a name in the Document name text field, AND this name matches the name of an existing DOCUMENT FRAGMENT in the Content Library, then that Document Fragment will automatically be included as an attachment at document generation time - as in this case, there is no placeholder for the content library question.

Content Library Question Types

This operation supports the following Content Library Types:

•Document Fragments
•Text Content

Image Option

In Design, the Content Library question has an Image option, allowing the designer to display an image in their web form in an appropriate location.

Click on the Content Item and a dialogue box will be displayed.

The desired image can be filtered by Name, Category, and Content Folder.

Click Search to select the desired image.

When the project is run in Produce, the image is rendered (of thumbnail size) and cannot be edited.

The size of the image can be altered inside the Content Library answer as shown below.


  1. If the content library question is mapped to a placeholder, it is replaced with the image (of original size) from the Content Library.

  2. Alternative Text, if configured in design, can be viewed in the generated document.

How to add an attachment file to your project output

Sometimes you may wish to attach a file to your generated output. For example, in an email sent by , you may wish to have a company policy document attached.

To set this up, there are two steps you must take:

  1. Add the file to the Content Library.

  2. Add the Attachment to your Project.

    • Open Design and load your Project.
    • Add a Content Library Question to the Project.
    • Go to the Content Library tab and search for the file you added previously.
    • Drag the Attachment from the Content Library onto the Answer of the Content Library Question.

Now, whenever this Project is generated, the file will be included as one of the collection of documents generated.

Alternatively, you may wish to have a user select a particular file from your Content Library which running your Project from Produce. To allow this, perform the following steps:

  • Open Design and load your Project.
  • Add a Content Library Question to the Project.
  • On the Properties tab of the Content Library question, check "Visible".
  • Set Content Type to "Attachment".
  • Ensure Display Type is "Search".

This will now include a Content Library Question on the Form when run in Produce. A User can search for and select an Attachment from the Content Library which will be included in the generated Documents.

The "Restrict by Folder" option allows you to refine which Attachment items from the Content Library are available for selection by the user. Only Attachments in the defined Content Folder will be available to be selected.

If the Attachment is referenced from elsewhere in the document (for example it may be referred to as "Appendix A"), you can define the name the Document will have in the "Attachment Name" field. This field supports question references.

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Content Library

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