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Communication Templates


Communication Templates allow the designer to create and modify templates which can be used in place of default system emails, and used as the input to some inbuilt Actions and Escalations (primarily Send Email).

Templates can be managed via the "Communication Templates" link on the left-hand navigation menu in Manage:

System Templates

By default, the Communication Templates page displays the existing System Templates, which can be modified to change the content that will be emailed to users at the relevant time (for example the Password Reset process). These templates cannot be deleted or renamed.

Custom Templates

The "New Communication Template" button allows a designer to create a template which can be used with the Send Email action and escalation.


Both System and Custom templates can have translations added for multiple languages - these will be substituted as appropriate according to the language defined in the user's profile.

Admin API

See the API Reference for details.

Using Communication Templates in Design

Once defined in Manage, Custom communication templates can be used in Design, where supported by an Action. For example, the Send Email action can have its Email Body input drawn from a Communication Template:

This allows templates which are used frequently within a project, or across multiple projects, to be defined once rather than individually at each Action input.

References in Communication Templates

The content of a communication template can include a mix of static text and contextually dynamic content. To this, simply add a standard reference in square brackets where necessary as part of the content, for example:

Dear [customername]

While specific question references can work, e.g. [q1.3], it is recommended that you avoid specific question or answer IDs to allow your communication template to work across different projects.

Instead, by simply placing a name in square brackets, your projects can populate this reference simply by implementing this name as one of either:

  • Answer name, or
  • Project Property name

Note that reference names should be meaningful, and not be overly generic to avoid confusion. For example, [customername] is better than simply [name] which could already be used in your project to mean something else.

Cross-environment Sync

The Sync API includes an option to include or exclude Communication Templates from a sync package.

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Communication Templates

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