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Version 11.2 Release Notes

9 months ago by Camilo Giraldo


The Intelledox platform helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape.
Utilizing responsive web design, the Intelledox platform is a digital transformation platform that helps companies rapidly develop and deliver mobile-ready business processes. Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, and Enterprise customers worldwide deploy the Intelledox platform to enhance customer engagement, increase customer satisfaction, streamline efficiency, and drive down operational costs. Intelledox helps businesses quickly create and deploy intuitive, digital, business processes to replace difficult-to-understand paper and electronic forms. Intelledox empowers business users to develop, manage and set up engaging customer-facing applications, helping them reduce costs through improved process efficiency while delivering an enriched customer experience.
Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Intelledox can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, TXT, HTML, CSV, email and many more.
This is a product release that delivers additional functionality over the previous customer version of the Intelledox platform (v11.1).

New System Requirement

  • Manage, Produce and the Scheduler are now 64bit only applications. Please review App Server (IIS) or Azure Web App settings to verify 64bit is enabled.
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 is no longer supported as the database tier of the platform.

Intelledox Platform 11.2 Features

Version 11.2 of the Intelledox platform introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Intelledox v11.1.

Writable Data Object

Data Connections (formally Data Sources) now provide full read/write data access to their objects via drag and drop configuration experience. This reduces the need for Actions to write data.
Data connections provide two styles of data manipulation:

Write on Submission

Writable Data Objects are now added to workflow transitions or final submission. Much like a Word or PDF Document, once a Writable Data Object is added to the project, the Intelledox platform retrieves the appropriate fields and provides a placeholder for drag and drop mapping to the question set.


The new “Data Modal” project type allows you to create an interface for Writable Data Objects for use within an adaptive experience. This project type can be associated with Data Questions on other forms. When this is done, in Produce the user is able to Add/Edit/Delete the data in the question. When adding or editing, a pop-up window is shown with the new interface.


Only supported data connection types can be configured as writable. In 11.2, the built-in types that are supported are SQL Server and Infiniti. Custom data connections can be extended to become writable.

Custom Data Objects

In many implementations the data required by organisational processes is not available in an existing data store or system. This leads to the creation of ‘ad-hoc’ data stores such as an auxiliary database to store and manage this extra data. 11.2 introduces a no-code interface to define custom data objects. Once configured, Intelledox manages the storage, creation and maintenance of the data, negating the need for advanced database skill sets.

Modal Sections

A Section can be configured to be presented in a Modal dialog/pop-up rather than inline as part of the main Form. Display of the Modal can be triggered by a built-in button or a separate Button Question.

SmartCOMM integration with the Intelledox platform

Integrate smoothly and easily with SmartCOMM CCM platform. A SmartCOMM Data Model can be mapped to question set elements, similarly to a document template, making for easy configuration. On-demand and batch generation job can be queued on the platform leveraging existing SmartCOMM Template Selectors.

New features and functionality


12096 - Connector settings named sets
11822 - Enforced two factor authentication
11914 - Sequence numbers
12101 - RegexMatch function to test a string against a regular expression
11988 – Unique Identifier variable
12174 - Rich Text uses PowerPaste plugin, which ensures formatting is retained when pasting from Word


11993 - Option to control saving of answers that are still the default value
12017 - Functions for working with pipe-separated data
11814 – Data Connection Content Folders
12079 - AD Sync Update External Group Membership
11972 - [DocumentLink] constant value
11923 - Temporary users inherit site properties from the guest user account
11865 - Design preview width sizes
11938 - Redirect to Url and Redirect to Project on workflow transitions
11815 – Redirect to Url supports question references
11829 - Sortable action specified documents
12114 - File Upload Question now supports placeholders to map data (as a base64 encoded string) and filename to output
11990 - Guest users will be redirected to login when accessing a workflow they don't have access to
11989 - Projects published from Design no longer enable "Auto-Create In Progress Forms" by default
11885 - Related Projects by Data Connection and Data Object
11845 - Tracked Changes Included In Form Summary Question and Form Summary Action
11897 - Mod operator added to formula autocomplete
12018 - IP Anonymization in for Google Analytics
11962 - "Select All Schema Fields" option for a data object

Cosmetic Changes

11920 - Data sources renamed to Data Connections
11982 - "Save to SQL" Action renamed "Call SQL Stored Procedure"
11840 - System Purpose Communication Templates are listed by default and can't be removed.
11868 - Manage theme settings are shown in Design preview
11884 - Template placeholder colour shown against the template icon in Design
11930 - Download all (zip file) will only append a counter for non-unique file names


11913 - REST Escalation
11841 - Post to Webhook Escalation
11904 - JsonEncode Formula
11872 - Send to REST Action accepts JSON payload as an input
11931 - Schema is required when using a JSON payload input to the Send To REST Action
12115 - DatasourceConnector expanded to support Push (Create, Update, Delete) 'Writable Data Objects'
12068 - Support a GET response to a SAML SP-Initiated single logout request
11979 - Add TroubleshootingMode to DatasourceProperties.Context
12074 - DocuSign Connect Event Logging


12006 - API endpoint for Jobs and Job Details
11898 - API Operations to return messages for succeeded generations
11973 - API: Unlocking a workflow returns the next id
11831 - Operations API can take a runId to return the last submission of a workflow
11832 - APIs return runId value where appropriate
11907 - API Workflow/RunId Enhancements
11961 - Workflow admins can unlock a specific item via the patch API
12014 - Lock a workflow task via API  

Offline Apps – Infiniti GO

11833 – Mobile app: Basic forgot password functionality
11852 - Is Mobile App Variable
11909 – Mobile app: Support "Redirect to URL" option on the Finish page
11978 - Mobile App: Redirect to project/url property takes priority over same user transition reload
11844 - Improved performance of taking pictures on Infiniti GO