Release Notes - v10.1

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Release Notes - v10.1


The Intelledox platform is used by many of the world’s leading companies and government organizations to transform outdated forms and processes into intelligent, customer-centric experiences.

Through its solution-ready platform, Intelledox enables customer-focused businesses and governments to transform customer interactions into adaptive digital journeys, from acquisition to onboarding to service.

This is a product release that delivers additional functionality over the previous customer version of Infiniti (v10.0).

Upgrade Warning

V10.X Licensing:
For an Infiniti instance that is upgraded to v10 from 9.7 or earlier, or a new Infiniti v10 installation, both scenarios will need a new license.

Preview with documents:
If you have previously used preview in a workflow you may find that you are no longer able to view these documents on preview in workflow steps. To correct this, add the appropriate downloadable documents to the relevant transition steps. See below for this new feature.

Note that you will need a "Tenancy Key" which can be found on the Licensing page on the Infiniti instance you want to license. Send a copy of the Tenancy Key to Intelledox to receive a version 10 license file.

Infiniti 10.1 Features

Infiniti 10.1 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti v10.0.30.

Data Schema Upload

For datasources where a schema needs to be referenced, such as REST, XML, or CSV, the schema need no longer be a file on the server. Instead, it can be uploaded from Manage. Similarly, the default data for XML and CSV data sources can be uploaded.

Define which documents may be downloaded

It is now possible to easily define which documents are downloadable after submission and which aren’t. No longer is it all or nothing. Similarly, it is possible to define documents that are downloadable after a submission of a workflow step.

Troubleshooting Mode

Further additions to Troubleshooting Mode:
Datasource Interactions
While running a form in troubleshooting mode, there will be a display for datasources outlining how many times the data has been retrieved during this run of the form, and how long it took to fetch the data each time.

Placeholder Replacements
A Word document generated while in troubleshooting mode will have information displaying where in the document placeholders were replaced.

Question References
While running a form in Troubleshooting Mode, broken question references will display more information about why they were broken

Control exactly when Actions are run when submitting

In previous versions of Infiniti, Actions are the last thing to be executed when a submission is made. Now it is possible to define that Actions should run earlier. For example, an Action can be created that will make changes to the form before the document is generated, or before a workflow is assigned to the next person.

New features and functionality
Major 10238 - Project import will attempt to preserve version numbers, display imported last modified date
Major 10253 - Project import will attempt to preserve content item version numbers
Major 10277 – Reference can be to a Toggle Button for Email Approvals
Major 10402 – Custom User Fields Included Infiniti User Data Source
Major 10404 – Run After property for actions to control at what stage of the generation pipeline they get executed
Major 10422 – Section and Column title supports question references
Major 10423 - Page title supports question references
Minor 10398 - Decoupled asset encryption from answer file
Minor 10415 - VAdministrator Audit Logging User Creation/Login Parity
Minor 10417 - colspan added to html whitelist
Minor 10440 - Data Object name length limit removed
Minor 10501 - XML now can be validated against XSD when datasource uploaded in form
Minor 10503 - Interaction Log Records createNew openAssigned and resumeAssigned events
Minor 10530 - Bcc added to email escalation
Minor 10629 - Question Comments can be added to Non-Editable Questions
Code enhancements
Cosmetic Changes 10442 - Updated Icons. Including menu icons for Manage, help, history, etc.
Cosmetic Changes 10463 - Multiple choice question with 3 and 4 column displays will switch to vertical on small screens
Obsolete 10142 - The windows application version of Design (“App Design”) has been depreciated and will be removed in a future update
Connector and Integration Changes 10405 - Response Metadata Added to REST API
Connector and Integration Changes 10411 - REST API: Address details for users and email details for groups
Connector and Integration Changes 10439 - Action Retry On Failure
Connector and Integration Changes 10529 - Email headers added to Email Action
Connector and Integration Changes 10538 – User profile mapping supports custom profile fields (LDAP, SAML)
Offline Apps 10369 - Appx packaging option for Win Infiniti GO
Offline Apps 10370 - infiniti:// protocol for Win Infiniti GO when deployed via appx
Offline Apps 10420 - infiniti:// protocol supports label names and values to be passed in