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Maintenance Release Notes - v - 14/05/18

2 years ago by Prachi Shinde

The Infiniti v10.1.13.0 is providing mainly defect resolution. This is considered a Maintenance Release for Infiniti V10.1 and the only additional items after Major Release V10.1.12.0:

Issues Resolved
10665 - Escalation emails sent to the wrong email address
10781 - MSI web installer fails if database connection string with invalid xml characters
10790 - Contacts should not be listed for custom field - Location with invalid license
10810 - LDAP Authentication Fails When Domain Name is Required
10801 - Mobile Apps-Dashboard project shows page for navigation in the hamburger menu
10802 - Mobile Apps-Ink Question without a background not obeying margin HTML
10811 - Mobile Apps-Tapping the date picker and selecting a date not submitting to server for processing
10812 - Mobile App-After Generating documents, able to open first document but not subsequent documents
10803 - Mobile Apps-Synchronising persists after hitting Synchronise on a Dashboard project set as home page when mobile app is offline
10804 - Android App-URL and username text box overlap with Infiniti logo when signing in