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Maintenance Release Notes - v - 13/11/17

2 years ago by Sally Sloley

The Infiniti is providing mainly defect resolution. This is considered a Maintenance Release for Infiniti V10.0 and the only additional items after Major Release V10.0.42.0 are listed below:

Release Notes
10390 - [DB Integrity] Added constraint on Intelledox_User table to prevent duplicate User_Guids
10394 - Design: Hidden labels no longer use the html editor for label text
10421 – Xamarin forms upgraded to latest service release
Issues Resolved
10387 - Windows App : Submit Button Creates An Unneeded Transition Page when it is triggered by conditions
10388 - Windows App: App deletes offline progress pending uploads if you are Offline at the finish point.
10389 - Windows App : Resuming an incomplete form that was altered by the client application causes an exception
10396 - CSV DataSource Processes Dates Incorrectly
10399 - Android App – App gets stuck if submitting a form offline without redirect to home
10400 - Mobile Apps - Picture upload lost if abandoning a form within a current user offline transition
10401 - Mobile Apps - When no questions are visible, form does not auto submit
10408 - Audit information not being recorded on a new site
10413 - String error when using some cultures in Produce
10414 - Repeat Actions/Documents will run for all rows of a multi select datasource regardless of selection
10419 - Project submission from Produce/Scheduler completes without errors when datasource extension is not installed
10426 - Unable to load up jpeg files generated by iPhone iOS11 to image question
10429 - Multiple select list box data source scroll position is not maintained between postbacks
10430 - Test license stamp added to CSV files